Thermes, Xanti, Greece

EU Money well spend: gentle outdoor pools in the Rhodope Mountains.

On maps you find “Imatikes Piges” as the name of the part of Thermes town in which you find all the thermal springs, however the sign says “Ίαματικά Λουτρά, Thermal Springs”. There are a few guest houses, some of which also have their own thermal pools. The government run spa offers two indoor pools and also rents out spartan rooms nearby.

Free of charge you have the access to:

  • The old Hamam just off the road before entering the town
  • At the town entrance sign a old gender separated square outdoor pool for man and a indoor pool for women where mostly the local Moslem people bathe
  • A relatively recent construction of 5 outdoor pools and picnic area

Thermes, Xanti, Greece: With the recent development this place turned into a jewel. Don't tell anybody! bert

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