Therma Beach, Kos, Greece

Everybody on the island knows the rocky beach with an abandoned spa building. But do you dare bath in the winter?

According to the spring was only discovered in 1934 by an Italian archeologist. Although this would be the kind of place the famous local and “father of medical science” Hippocrates would have appreciated in his days. The acient Coan (native of Kos) dedicated a large section to thermal water in his work “De is, a quiz at loci”, in which he described the chemical and organoleptic water features, and the effects of hot and cold baths on the human body.

Nowadays it is a popular place in the summer for people who like to sit in warm water during hot days of the year. For us that is perfect, because that means we can enjoy this place basically on our own on sunny winter weekdays.

If you feel more adventurous than me, walk along the shore from here and you might be able to reach the other hot spring of Kos, namely Agia Irini.

Therma Beach, Kos, Greece: On a calm sunny winter day: Build your pool and enjoy this is a heavenly delight. bert

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