ATM fees in Greece in 2024

How to get less ripped off when withdrawing cash?

WARNING: If you have a non euro denominated card NEVER EVER agree to currency conversion at the ATM, you will be ripped off merciless and turned into Souvlaki as per agreed terms and conditions.

As a foreigner, if you want to withdraw cash in Greece you will find out that you will be charged a substantial fee even if there is no exchange involved and your home bank does not charge you for withdraws. In 2023 they asked around 3€, as of 2024 they have come down below 2€.

I just want to list the fees as of writing this for my own and your reference. Let me know in the comments if fees are not up to date!

  • 1,80€ at Eurobank at Hellenic Post “ELTA” (page 185; §7.10)
  • 1,80€ at Alpha Bank (page 36, §1.1.3)
  • 1,90€ at National Bank of Greece (page 16)
  • 2,00€ at Piraeusbank (page 11, §7.10)
  • 3,95€ at Euronet, they pollute touristic areas with ATMs. They are based in Kansas/USA and want to turn your ass into Hamburgers, avoid them like the plague. Fittingly they don’t have information about ATM fees online, this is the fee I was quoted.

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