Therma, Samothraki, Greece

Free hotsprings under wings of the headless nike!

Once you come to Therma you will easily find the slightly decrepit ΙΑΜΑΤΙΚΆ ΛΟΥΤΡΆ “spa” build in 1981. Legend has it that it is totally functioning in summer time, indoor, gender-segregated and paid. Not my cup of broth.

Within 100 and 200m going up the hill to the left of the spa there are two spots with open air pools. Low temperature and lackluster flow did not make it the hot pool you want in the winter. But I was told that they are usually popular and hotter in the summertime.

During the winter, when the spa is not working, the thermal water holding tank is used by the locals as the preferred yet unofficial dipping spot. To enter at your own risk you have to sneak between the spa buildings and follow some pipes into a precariously roofed pool and from there into the adjacent pool building. Supposedly it was during the short WWII era of Bulgarian occupation, that this pool building was constructed (or not).

Therma, Samothraki, Greece: If your here in the summer enjoy the view dipping in the open air pools. In the winter I dare you to enter the forbidden pool! bert

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