Efthalou, Lesbos, Greece

Aging Turkish spa under clandestine reactivation!

Just like may other Greek thermal spas this place is officially closed. And just like in other places the locals don’t agree and reopen on there own terms. This means that all maintenance is done by a few volunteers that clean and look after the place. So if you find trash or more dirt than you like: Just clean it up. Thanks to all anonymous helpers everywhere! This unfortunately means also that not every visitor might show as much respect and gratitude to the place.

If your lucky, like I was today, you will find the place fairly clean. If you get very lucky you have the place for yourself and water is around 45°C. It happens that the water for some reason is not that hot. If you stay for 10 to 15 min inside the pool you will want take a break. And will I encourage you to take the leap into the sea when that moment comes. Alternatively there is a cold shower outside which can provide a welcome refreshment. Do it, you will feel like reborn afterwards!

Efthalou, Lesbos, Greece: When it comes to free dips, this is close to perfection. If it would be open air it could get a 10/10 from me. bert

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