Loutra Potamias, Thrace, Greece

The random roadside hotspring!

Driving through Greece, when I see a sign saying somthing θερμα (therma: hot), Πηγή (Pigi: spring) or anything Λουτρά (Loutra: baths) I get curious.

So it happened on our way between Xianti and Alexandroupoli that we just see this sign and wide open gate. We enter to find a run down estate comprising of a bungalow with bathrooms cells, the obligatory chapel and some other buildings.

A bit further there was a car next to two small, slightly better maintained houses. They turned out to contain a changing room and pool for either man or woman. The person on duty showed out around and pointed out a sign saying that we will need a written permission from our physician to enter the pool.

Loutra Potamias, Thrace, Greece: No outdoor pools unfortunately, but if you are in the area: check it out! Just make sure to bring a written notice from your physician ;D bert

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