Loutra Eleftheron, Thrace, Greece

Literary the fountain of freedom!

This dilapidated spa site is well known in the circles of warmth loving nomads visiting the north of Greece. While most of the spas former glory is gone the access road is still in good nick. This makes this otherwise quite isolated location reachable. There is a daily influx of caravans and locals, so you got to be lucky to find a pool for yourself. Besides the first pool which is likely fed by the overflow from the spa there is bigger pool further down the road. I got to come back and take some more pictures and you know what else. We revisited in october 2023: The pool in the end of the road was dry, but found the river to be very comforting.

If you come visit this place, please do me a favor: Pick up a trash bag full of stuff and bring it to the next dumpster. Thank you!

Loutra Eleftheron, Thrace, Greece: Clear perfectly hot water pools with in a remote location surrounded by nature? For free? Come on… bert

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