Thermis, Lesbos, Greece

Ottoman hotel in shambles, spa is vacated but the hotspring still flowing as ever!

First of all the name of the place is unclear: Loutropolis, Paralia Thermis, Thermis Skala or just Thermis.

There are three spas of different epochs on site. All are derelict and closed. The grand spa hotel Sarlitsa Palace was build in 1909 under ottoman rule it is fenced and damaged beyond repair. Also the “new” spa building containing 10 separate units with a tub each is clearly abandoned.

The oldest looking building is a roofed pool sitting just next to the road. Two stone slab staircases lead from both sides down to an wide open entrance adorned with doric columns made of white marble. The building has a vaulted roof and is still filled with ~40°C water. I did not dare to dip the murky water inside that questionable structure. The whole complex is right at a crossroad near the port, so maybe not the best place for skinny dippin’ anyways. What appears to be the source of thermal water has a measured temperature of 50°C.

Thermis, Lesbos, Greece: An eye watering example of Greek negligence for thermal water and preexisting infrastructure. The water is there, but better soaks are on the island to give this one a pass. bert

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