Lefkada, Ikaria, Greece

Hefty amounts of hot water rushing into the Aegean sea between round boulders!

Going west from Ag. Kirykos on the way to Xilosirtis a sign “mineral springs” will point you at a path going down to the beach. From there it is just a hundred meters to the right you will easily spot the clouds of vapor rising from the shore. Low tide and a calm sea are advantageous in having a enjoyable bath. If you don’t have a thermal camera, just look for a place in the sea, just near but not exactly where steam is rising. If you see steam temperatures are likely above 45°C, so be careful. (That’s just a approximation since air temperature/humidity effect the steam formation). The rocks near the springs are incredibly slippery. Better go in on all four.

As with any spring in Ikaria: 20min should be the maximum time you spend due to radon 222 content of the water. Literature says Lefkada beach has water form 2 sources: Thermos Spring measured at 58,7°C and 9ME. The Chlios-Thermos Spring 33,5°C and 32ME.

Lefkada, Ikaria, Greece: Although it sometimes gets a little to hot on the surface and sometimes to cold on the bottom. You can just about find the perfect spot to dip on days with calm sea! bert

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