Cave Spring, Ikaria, Greece

Just one of 5 hot springs in the bay of Therma: This is the free open air coastal cave!

In the spa town of Therma near Ag. Kirykos are several paid indoor spas for therapeutic purpose which are not open in the winter and have been closed since 2020. They feature water with high radium content. Namely:

  • Apollon Spa (45,4°C 557ME) in the town center with a statue in front
  • Spilaio Spa (52,6°C 65ME) by the open air cave with hammam and sauna
  • Kratsa Spa (46,8°C 240ME) in a back alley in the center of town

There is another 20 years+ defunct Pamphilis Spa (52,4°C 80ME) just at the beach.

But what you are interested about is located on the right side of the bay: Just go past the Spilia Spa and enter the waters of the cave. There is a few sources with variable intensity.

As with any spring in Ikaria: 20min should be the maximum time you spend due to radon 222 content of the water. Literature says the spring is 52,8°C and 54ME.

Cave Spring, Ikaria, Greece: If you stretch out in such a way that your floating on the surface of the water you can really enjoy this here. Visit on days with minimal swell. Or just swim in the bay as water is close to 20°C even in winter. bert

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