Bedenski Bani, Smolyan, Bulgaria

Cool off in snowmelt river water after extra hot mineral bath.

If you come to Bedenski Bani you will most likely find the popular indoor pool just off the road between Shiroka Laka and Devin. For a small fee you can join the locals and enjoy the hot bath and then sit outside on the sun chairs.

But if you venture beyond the asphalt mount in the parking lot and follow the path you will find the freeloaders paradise: There is deeper pool with a tab another pool just at the riverside below a broken baisin. We bathed at the former, and boy is it nice. You can properly heat up laying down flat and afterwards enjoy a submersion bath in the river.

Bedenski Bani, Smolyan, Bulgaria: This would gain perfect score if not for the closeness to the main road and slight trashiness. bert

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