Wintertime Ferry Connections in the Aegean Sea from Greece to Turkey

If you ever went online for ferry connections you find yourself teleported to the late 1990: Horrible websites, missing translations unclear schedules. Here is the thing that I had to draw because it does not exist anywhere else: A freaking map to get a overview of possible car ferry connections that operate in the winter of 2022/23! I hope this helps someone – happy island hopping!

You can select lines, zoom in and remix this map by going to the wonderful Metro Designer that I used to create it.

If you know of any car ferry that operates in the throughout the winter that is missing here: Please let me know in the comment section below (please include a link to the operator). I will see if I can include it. I know that there are more ferries in the summer and for passengers only… but that would go to far and is not of my concern.

Ferry operators include:

For current Turkey to Greece ferry connection schedules check The search includes several operators. Kos and Rhodos are served wintertime, but no car transport. Fanos Travel operates car ferries between Kos and Bodrum 3 times a week starting in the end of march, they charge 120 Euro to transport a car one way, call for availability. You can go to Cyprus!

You can zoom in using the controls of you browser.

I have also made this redesigned version, with a little more space between ports and more diagonal line:

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