Therma Spa, Gera Bay, Lesbos, Greece

Fancy outdoor thermal pools with Turkish baths!

This is the only place in Lesbos where you can officially bathe in thermal water. There is at least three more very similar spas that are left to rot while thermal water is gushing as ever. There are four options here on how to bath in thermal water:

  • traditional, gender segregated indoor pools (3 Euro/person/hour)
  • private indoor tub (8 Euro/person/45′)
  • open air private jacuzzi (6 Euro/person/hour)
  • open air public pool (5 Euro/person/hour)

They also have a bar and offer massages. There is access to the pebble beach below. While it’s very scenic place, the only downer is the road just above the property, so you will hear and smell the traffic. Also water is mostly below 40°C.

Therma Spa, Gera Bay, Lesbos, Greece: We came here on a super sunny day in January. We had the infinity pool for ourselves and honestly: I felt like a million bucks. bert

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