Ștrand Livada de Bihor, Oradea, Romania

Just one of many thermal water fueled camping grounds along the border between Hungary and Romania.

The term Ştrand is Romanian for outdoor pool. It does not imply a beach or any amount of sand as you might assume. Ştrand merely refers to what is called Freibad in German: Usually a outdoor pool surrounded by lawn and some gastronomy: A recreational place for families.

Blessed with plenty of hot springs the Romanian/Hungarian border region, gives rise of the special species of Ştrand termal. Băile Felix is probably the most well known example in this category boasting a bunch of aqua parks. But there are a lot more to discover.

Well it seems Ștrand Livada de Bihor is one of the more well kept, low key options around. They offer gravel parking places for caravans and we were able to pitch our tent for the night. There is also A-frame cabins for rent.

It’s a family run place and they take a lot of pride in keeping the place neat and go above and beyond to accommodate for their visitors. They also refrain from adding chlorine into the thermal water.

Compared to Kiskörös, one amazing extra offered here for overnight residents is the night time pool access. But then again it is missing a spot for hydro massage, sauna and overall camp-ability which was better in Kiskörös.

Ștrand Livada de Bihor, Oradea, Romania: An excellent and affordable option caravan travelers looking for hot spring relaxation time. Wonderfully accommodating hosts and neighbors. bert

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