pixel perfect phomemo D30 labels

some tips to get crisp printouts from your mini thermal printer

  1. The Phomemo D30 (and others like the Niimbot D110) use the same print head with 12mm width and 203 DPI resolution. This is actually 8 dots per mm. So you can print a height of 96 pixels. If you print on a 15x30mm label your printable size is 12x27mm. So you need to create a bitmap with a dimension of 96×216 pixels.
  2. Use your favorite photo editing software (Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity etc.) to create a template in this pixel dimension. Choose 1-bit color (black and white) if that is a option.
  3. For best results use a nice pixel font (most of them have to be used at exactly 8px) or a font with good pixel hinting and deactivate anti aliasing in the preview of your design software. Make sure to place all design elements on integer coordinates.
  4. Export a 2 color (black and white) PNG file in the exact size and copy it onto your phone. I use Signal’s “Note to Self” function for that, and then move the PNG with totalcmd to the download-folder from where it can be accessed by Print Master.
  5. Insert the picture in Print Master creative mode and align it with the upper-left corner. Resize the picture to fill the entire available space on your label.
  6. Test print to check it everything comes out crisp, if not verify for template.
  7. In the confirmation step before printing, you can define a offset position, in case you print is not centered correctly.

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