Loutra Thermopilon, Thermopylae, Greece

A soak just as legendary as the ‘300’ Spartans having fought here 2500 years ago.

Whether or not you find yourself in need for a break on the highway between Thessaloniki and Athens, this is a must stop. What awaits you is the longest outdoor bathtub at just the right temperature with copious amounts of sulfuric water.

Most likely you will not be alone, as this place is known by locals as travelers alike. But there is a vast flat area for some 300 campers along the fluvial.

My first visit was a happy accident in the autumn of 2010 and since then wanted to come back. The previously abandoned buildings near the old spa seem to be inhabited by refugees nowadays. Also there is some dude wants to extract a obligatory donation from visitors to the waterfall area.

Loutra Thermopilon, Thermopylae, Greece: If you can't get over the H₂S smell and the floating bits of thermophilic bacteria/fungi in the water and the fact that there is no shower afterwards, too bad, because your missing out big time! bert

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