Geoagiu-Băi, Romania

Spa town with roman roots and hotsprings!

There is a archeological site showing how the Romans used to enjoy this once wonderful place then called “Germisara” some hundreds of years ago. Water levels have decreased over a long period of use under the Roman occupation. The modern Romanian way unfortunately is as follows: capture the spring in small fountains which don’t allow dipping or pump water up and make you pay up for a room in one of the concrete monstrosities and use their spa. There is also a drab looking outdoor pool situation. It is closed during wintertime, who would want to warm bath in winter anyways? Water temperatures are not very high: I could only measure springs under 40°C not sure what they manage to tap for the hotels.

Geoagiu-Băi, Romania: Nothing to bathe really, Roman baths are nice to look at. bert

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