Krifti, Lesbos, Greece

A chapel on the cliff gives the name to this long forgotten seaside hotspring!

If you come by foot be prepared for a steep decent along a rocky cliff. You will be well rewarded with turquoise waters. Some time ago someone build a tiny concrete pool near the waterline. There is a pipe coming from a cave that, I assume, used to fill it with thermal water. No more so. On my visit I could detect hot water flowing beneath the pool and between rocks near the pool. There are clear signs of thermal activity in that cave and along that cliffside. I can imagine that the seawater is a bit warmer than usual and enjoyable during the summertime.

Krifti, Lesbos, Greece: Worth the visit during the summertime, but no winter dips to be had until someone with a shovel finds the source and fixes the pipework. bert

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